Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Mountain Town Part 2

Upon my arrival in TMT, my first goal was to make friends, a task that has never been particularly hard for me given my cheery disposition and welcoming personality (please see first blog).  Alas, everything is different in TMT, and my goal of creating friendships was met with many obstacles, the first of which was my vocal disdain for TMT.
Potential friend:  (with big smile and wearing the latest in road bike fashion) "How do you like TMT?  Aren't you just so excited to be in the greatest place in the world?  You are so lucky!" 
Me:  (with smirk and raised eyebrow) "No, this place really isn't that great.  I moved here from Utopiaville and TMT can't even hold a candle. It has no charm, it's too industrial, there is only ONE mountain, and the closest city is two hours away and every time I go there I feel like a volunteer for the Peace Corps."

Usually at this point, the sky clouds over, cars screech to a stop, women quickly pull their children into the nearest place of refuge, and my potential friend has just realized they have somewhere else they need to be.  And there I stand on the street, alone, except for that tumble weed that just rolled by.

Needless to say I didn't make friends as quickly as I usually did.

Somehow I did find a guy who seemed pretty cool and we began dating.  It didn't take long for conversation to turn to the one thing I wanted to avoid, the amazing awesomeness of TMT.  Hiding my true feelings is not something I have ever been good at, so while Jimbo rattled off the list of what made TMT so great, I felt myself losing control until I couldn't hold it anymore and I just had to let it out.

"No, I hate it hear, I miss Colorado, I wish the east side of town didn't smell like dog food all the time, I wish there was more open space, better shopping, better skiing...".  At this point I am not even sure what I said, but I think my tirade went on for weeks.

The next day Jimbo called me up, "I think I have done all I can for you.  It is time for you to go out on your own and make your own friends."  I had just been dumped, and the reason, shockingly enough, was my attitude towards TMT. 

People say it's not the place that matters as much as the company, and I knew that I needed to make friends if I was going to enjoy living in TMT.  But in order to make friends in a place full of people who loved the very town I hated, I needed to change my attitude, keep some of my thoughts and feelings to myself, smile, nod and say "yeah, TMT is growing on me."  Maybe if I lied enough I would believe it.

As soon as I made this change, I actually made some friends.  With my new friends I got out more, visited some bars, hiked around, went skiing at the local mountain, and started to like TMT. 

Now almost three years after moving here I not only have a solid group of friends, a boyfriend (NOT Jimbo), a few favorite bars, and a favorite place to shop, but I feel like TMT could be home.  My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house, so we may be here a while.

I still miss Colorado, and hope someday to move back there, but in the meantime it isn't too far to visit.

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