Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My First Time

This is my first entry for my first blog and before I let you in to my world, before I divulge all my dreams and fears, before I relay all the drama of this small mountain town, I should warn you...I lie.

I'm not talking about little white lies, please, everyone tells those.  Nor am I refering to compulsive lying, where the person knows very well they are lying and continues on with the conversation as if nothing happend while the other people look at each other as if to say "should we call him out?" "No, it's not worth it, just smile and nod, and eventually he will go away, and then we can totally make fun of him."  We all know someone like that, and as I can only speak for myself, I totally make fun of them.

My lying is unintentional. It is more like a mean trick played on me by my brain.  I have a great memory, until I tell someone a story from my past and someone else, usually my mother, informs me "No, that's NOT how it happened at all.  You didn't save your sister from drowning in the swimming pool by diving in, pulling her out and performing CPR on her, in the middle of a hurricane, while being attacked by killer bees.  You screamed at the top of your lungs 'Mom, Sis is getting in the pool!  Remember you said we couldn't get in the pool untill you were here! MOM!  She is breaking the rules!'"  I still think she could have drowned and by me telling on her, I save her life.

Changling memories aren't the only way my brain plays tricks on me.  There is also the concept of point of view.  Whether I am involved in the situation or just an interested bystander, I tend to retell the story based on how I percieve things happened.  This is typical for pretty much everyone, so in order to be different I will retell my stories as extravagantly as possible.

Filling in the blanks.  This isn't so much a trick my brain plays as it is a helpful way to piece together what happened during those times I blank out during the day.  I have a hard time concentrating, my mind wanders, my eyes glaze over, I think of driking a hot chocolate (I hate coffee) in a Parisian cafe, kicking everyone's ass coming down the mogul run, writing a blog.  Yet while I am thinking these terrific thoughts, there is an important life changing meeting going on, and now they need my input.  Crap. 

And with that, I invite you into my little corner of the world, and hope you visit often.  But consider yourself forewarned, what I tell you is an embellishment of the truth at best, if not a full out lie.  Please feel free to call me out anytime, I will answer with the truth.  Then again, you will never know.


  1. ummmm, you lie a lot? Well, hell yes I am a follower now! welcome to the blogosphere and I can't wait to read what you come up with next.


  2. Sometimes I worry that I do some of the things you've mentioned, but I don't care anymore because you do them too! I just didn't want to be alone!

  3. Don't worry, there are other people who do what you do as well... writers! Especially memoir writers. So, welcome aboard! I look forward to stalking your blog!

  4. I lie when I put my weight in on the treadmill. In my house. Alone. Liiiiiieees!